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Neuroscience of Pain

We have discovered a lot about how pain works in the nervous system over the last 20 years - understanding what's going on with your pain can make a big difference.

This is the way I try to explain it ....



You can find other explanations from Lorimer Moseley here .... (You might notice I nicked some of his ideas)


short version
longer version
This book goes into a lot more detail - check your local library or buy online

Greg Lehman's Pain work- book is available free online
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Another way of looking at it is this video called "Tame the Beast"
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mysterious science of pain.JPG

Or "The mysterious science of pain"

The message from these scientific discoveries is that pain is caused by activity in the nervous system 
If your pain goes up and down - sometimes it's really bad and sometimes not so bad - then using pain management techniques can help to turn down this activity.
That means less pain and you being able to do more of what you want to do! 
See the Pain Resources - Relaxation and Sleep and Local Resources pages for how you can get started!
There's lots more you can find out about pain and what to do about it - see the More Resources page for links and a library 
More information and support for Neuropathic Pain - HERE
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